Vis Dev Artist by day and kaiju dragon by night. Or was it the other way around. Monster and creature lover. Disney fan. Loves animation and theme parks. Adores EDM and toy design. Currently freelancing for Warner Brothers.


.. I now have a Flight Rising account. I’m not sure what to do with it. It feels like neopets.. but dragons. .. We’ll see. 

Username is Buttburner. 

Wish I could go to more cons in the states. So many artists I wanna meet up with and chill! Weh.

I have old artwork that dates back to 2008. My eyes are bleeding. 

Starbucks coffee is weak ass shit. I fall asleep drinking that stuff. But a canned Nescafe Latte.. holy shit. My nerves are on fire I am so awake I can conquer the world and still make it back in time for tea and biscuits. 

.. But I don’t even know how to draw comics.. 

… my friend tried to convince me to give comics a shot and draw something to submit to marvel/DC and the script he’s writing for me has gone overboard and I’m actually quite terrified because I’ve never done comics in my life let alone anything that’s mainstream and… 

I’m going to panic in a small pile now.